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At Laptofast Chandni Chowk, we offer comprehensive laptop services, from expert diagnostics to swift repairs. Trust us for reliable solutions, genuine parts, and transparent pricing. Your laptop, our priority.

Laptop Replacement

Get a clear view! LaptoFast offers quick and precise laptop screen replacement, ensuring your display is as good as new.

Battery Replacement

Enhance your laptop's longevity. LaptoFast provides swift and reliable battery replacement services for uninterrupted power and extended usage.

Keyboard Replacement

Typing troubles? Choose LaptoFast for fast and precise keyboard replacement, restoring your laptop's typing experience to perfection.

Hard Disk Replacement

Boost storage and performance! LaptoFast offers quick and reliable hard disk replacement for seamless computing and data reliability.

RAM Replacement

Elevate your laptop's speed! LaptoFast provides efficient and swift RAM replacement for enhanced performance and seamless multitasking.

IC and Body Replacement

Revive your device! LaptoFast offers expert IC and body replacement, ensuring optimal functionality and a refreshed look for your laptop.

Virus Removal

Secure your laptop! LaptoFast specializes in effective virus removal, ensuring a clean and protected system for a smoother computing experience.

Liquid Damage Repair

Act fast! LaptoFast specializes in liquid damage repair, rescuing your laptop from spills for a revived and fully functional device.

Hinge Replacement

Keep it flexible! LaptoFast provides expert hinge replacement, ensuring smooth functionality and durability for your laptop.

Comprehensive Laptop Services for Every Brand in Kolkata

LaptoFast extends its expertise to provide detailed and specialized services for renowned laptop brands, including Dell, Lenovo, Asus, HP, Apple, and more. Our skilled technicians ensure swift and reliable solutions tailored to meet the unique requirements of each brand. Whether it’s a Dell laptop in need of precise diagnostics, a Lenovo device seeking efficient upgrades, or an Apple MacBook requiring meticulous care, LaptoFast delivers unparalleled services across the spectrum. Benefit from our extensive experience and brand-specific knowledge, making us the go-to destination for all your laptop service needs in Kolkata.

How It Works?

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Why Choose LaptoFast?

Check Your Laptop Warranty

Ever wondered about your laptop’s warranty? This straightforward guide will take you through the steps to check your warranty, giving you the necessary information without the hassle.

1. Find the Serial Number: Start by locating your laptop’s serial number, usually on a label at the bottom or back of your device. This unique identifier is what manufacturers use to manage warranty information.

2. Connect with Manufacturer: Once you have the serial number, contact your laptop’s manufacturer. You can contact them through helpline numbers, email support, or live chat options for customer inquiries.

3. Share Serial Number: When in touch with the manufacturer’s support, provide them with your laptop’s serial number. It’s vital information that helps them access your warranty details.

4. Grasp Warranty Details: Armed with your laptop’s serial number, the manufacturer will share comprehensive details about your warranty. This includes how long it’s valid and the coverage it provides. Knowing these terms ensures you’re prepared for potential repair needs.

5. Warranty Length: Warranties vary in length, usually one to three years or more. Understanding how long your warranty lasts is crucial for planning and budgeting for potential repairs. Some laptops even offer extended warranty options for extra peace of mind.

6. Coverage Insight: Warranty coverage differs between manufacturers but generally includes repairs for hardware malfunctions. It’s essential to grasp what components or issues are covered, empowering you to make informed decisions when needed.

Checking your laptop’s warranty is straightforward: locate the serial number, contact the manufacturer, and understand your warranty coverage. Armed with this knowledge, you’re ready for any potential repair needs. An informed laptop owner is better equipped to navigate warranties and enjoy a worry-free computing experience.

You also have the option to view your laptop’s warranty details by clicking on the provided links below.


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